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Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management Blogs

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Healthier Financials from the Patient Experience

  Apr 18 2019

# Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management

Performance on patient experience scores can impact the cash flow and operating profit margins of hospitals, which may mean organizations have to align quality metrics and leadership to influence patients’ perceptions of their care. This abstract aims to answer two questions: What is the relationship between patient experience and financial performance? And; ...;

Healthcare Leadership Development

  Feb 12 2019

# Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management

Healthcare is one of the largest industries in the world and those employed within it are responsible for ensuring that everyone has access to healthcare in a timely, cost-effective and seamless manner. According to the World Health Organization, this is a fundamental human right. Healthcare leaders across the globe are facing constant and ever-growing demands across a...;

The Patient Excellence Metrics for a Hospital Supply Chain

  May 25 2016

# Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management

Preface Within today’s complex healthcare supply chains we can find tens and tens of performance indicators that claim to facilitate all manner of operational, financial and strategic metrics.. Seldom, do we come across matrices that are focused on the community that matters the most, that is the patient and the clinical staff providing the care… Supply chain...;

Technology & Supply Chain In Healthcare

  May 25 2016

# Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management

Preface According to The Beryl Institute research, the patient experience is one of the top three priorities of hospital leaders over the next three years. It is clearly time to refocus on the person at the center of care. Many organizations are struggling to understand what patient-centered care truly means, and what it really looks like. Every caregiver has...;

Achieving Patient Excellence through Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare

  May 22 2016

# Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management

Introduction Why do hospitals need lean principles or methodologies? We all come to work to do our very best - to achieve what we are capable of and to add real value for our patients and ensure clinical expertise is supported by process excellence to enable processes to flow at the rate of patient demand. Healthcare caregiver teams are dedicated and skilled ...;

What makes a hospital workplace “Great”?

  May 19 2016

# Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management

Preface Health care is an extraordinarily people-centric industry. Aside from the obvious fact that the patient consumes services to his or her physical body, nearly all treatments and procedures are administered by people. The management of health care personnel takes place in a complex environment involving a variety of professionals, extensive use of mater...;