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Back to Nature

  May 19 2020

# Health, Safety and Environment

I suppose everyone will agree with me, even though my theory is not supported with numbers, that lately, the hours spent in front of screens, whether smart devices, laptops, or TVs, has increased tremendously....

Corona: Fight or Fright

  Mar 30 2020

# Health, Safety and Environment

The COVID-19 pandemic brings numerous concerns for humanity. With a few exceptions, all businesses are suffering from this virus that has crippled almost everything. However, the question for which I couldn’t...

Waste Management in the UAE

  Feb 26 2019

# Health, Safety and Environment

A new high-tech waste to energy (WTE) facility in Sharjah is to come on-line by 2020. Managed by the Emirates Waste to Energy Company (a joint venture between Masdar and Bee’ah) it will be capable of processing app...

The Wastes Management Hierarchy and The Circular Economy

  May 25 2016

# Health, Safety and Environment

For many in business, wastes that are produced are simply an overhead that must be accounted for and are a drain on profits; there is a fundamental acceptance that waste is inevitable! However ...

Management Role in Occupational Health and Safety

  May 21 2014

# Health, Safety and Environment

Is a written policy report considered a solution to occupational health and safety issues? Does management commitment to safety make a difference? Before we answer those questions, allow me to state few useful statistic...

To Be Safe or Not to Be Safe...? This is the Question.

  May 21 2014

# Health, Safety and Environment

This is a first in a series of articles on Meirc's site related to Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) in the workplace. Also be sure to join the group "Together for a safer workplace" where you can share your opinions,...