Scope of Work (SoW) : Value-Adding Questions - 3
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Scope of Work (SoW) : Value-Adding Questions - 3

  May 1 2014

# Contracts Management

Yet 10 more Value-Adding Questions to ask before finalizing your Scope of Work . These questions relate to what amounts to a ‘Reality-check' and cover the evaluation of available External resources:
  • 1) Are there enough suppliers/ contractors who can do the job in our traditional market?
  • 2) Did we approach them requesting that they ‘show interest ‘ in bidding for the intended SOW?
  • 3) Do we need to expand our reach ( regional, international sources)?
  • 4) Do we have a Pre-approved list of potential bidders to draw from?
  • 5) Do we need to short-list or go ‘open'?
  • 6) How do the present market conditions affect our intended SoW ?
  • 7) Are there ‘alternatives' that can (better/cheaper) achieve our intended objectives?
  • 8) Did we approach potential bidders for information that can help formulate the intended SoW ?
  • 9) Are we up-to-date on the latest / most economical technology available in the market that can be used in the intended SoW?
  • 10) Did we check the availability ( and cost) of the after-sale services available locally / regionally?