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Education, Training and Development

  Oct 26 2016

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Last week I was asked an interesting question by one of my participants. The question was: “what are the key differences and similarities between training, development and education?”

I had to take a moment before I answer and my thinking took me to an article that I read recently by Thomas N. Garavan, (1997),"Training, development, education and learning: different or the same?", then my answer was that learning is the common element for education, training and development. Education is a prerequisite for any career, but it is usually less quantifiable. As per development it usually concentrates on upcoming responsibilities. Development behavioral objectives are not precise as well.

In contrast training behavioral changes are more specific and can be assessed. Learning in training is precise, whereas in development and education it is more gradual focusing on the person’s change. As a consultant, trainer and facilitator I am thrilled that my work allows me to mark my participants training, learning, education and development. However for this to happen it has to go beyond myself where participants are accountable for the implementation and outcomes too.

Even though I highlighted the differences of these terms, what is common about them is the most important. They all lead to a better you.