The Magic word in Excel 2007 - PIVOT TABLES
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The Magic word in Excel 2007 - PIVOT TABLES

  May 21 2014

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How often are you asked to prepare reports? always!? and I bet one of the ways you retrieve the data is by importing or copying the raw data from your system and pasting it to Excel. then you insert rows, columns, move cells, highlight cells, delete some unneeded data, are lost and you start over!!!

Pivot Tables comes to the rescue. I can truly say that Pivot Tables is the most efficient tool EXCEL has developed in the early years of 1990. This tool, once you know how to use it, professionally, will transform the way you manage, analyze, and report your data. I, personally was able to prepare a comprehensive budget variance reports, by department, in few seconds, among many other dynamic reports.

The newest news is Excel 2010. It comes packed with enhanced Pivot Table tools. Have you tried Excel 2010 yet?