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Bitcoin: Is it a Ponzi Scheme?

  Feb 17 2019

# Accounting and Finance

Every country has probably had at some point in time its own Charles Ponzi, an influential con artist who lured investors to entrust him with their money and who paid quick returns to the first investors from money inv...

Building an All-Star Credit and Collections Team

  Sep 18 2018

# Accounting and Finance

Training opportunities, in less enlightened organizations, are handed around like chocolates in a box. In some instances, they are often chosen with only as much consideration. This approach is mostly the...

Turning the Credit and Collections Department into a Profit Earning Function

  Oct 22 2017

# Accounting and Finance

Below is a real-life case study by Jon Ray MICM. A few years ago, I was doing some consultancy work for one of the big European banks. This institution had some i...

The Audit Report Writing Mindset

  Mar 16 2016

# Accounting and Finance

Perhaps the most challenging part of an auditor’s role is the communicating of results in order to achieve effective remediation of any control deficiencies. Audit reports are, perhaps, the ...

IFRS vs. GAAP - What does this have to do with the financial crisis?

  May 21 2014

# Accounting and Finance

In the G-20 summit (the richest 20 countries on this planet), and in the midst of the financial crisis the world was facing, leaders were discussing accounting rules!! Not debits and credits! I don't think they go into t...

The Magic word in Excel 2007 - PIVOT TABLES

  May 21 2014

# Accounting and Finance

How often are you asked to prepare reports? always!? and I bet one of the ways you retrieve the data is by importing or copying the raw data from your system and pasting it to Excel. then you insert rows, columns, move c...