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The Two Hidden Difficulties of Interviews

  May 2 2018

# Human Resources and Training

Even the most experienced interviewers agree to facing some difficulties in employment interviews. Overcoming such difficulties is key to selecting the most qualified applicant for a vacant position. I’m listing below ...

The value of good planning and scheduling

  Apr 15 2018

# Maintenance Planning and Asset Management

A genuine step change in performance If ever you want is a case study on the value you can gain from effective planning and scheduling this is it. I have just completed a proj...

One step closer to engaging presentations

  Mar 27 2018

# Communication and Writing Skills

It is a challenge to maintain an audience’s interest throughout a presentation. Within minutes some participants begin texting, yawning, or in extreme cases withdrawing from the room. While there may be many reasons for ...

Digital Forensic And Investigation Capabilities

  Mar 27 2018

# IT Management

A question I often get asked relating to Digital Forensic and Investigation Capabilities is ‘what tools are required?’ – a question which is both easy, and difficult to answer. Easy, because the answer is ‘everythi...

Market Yourself and Enhance Your Personal Brand

  Mar 25 2018

# Interpersonal Skills and Self Development

Just like any product, professionals also need to market themselves if they want to stand-out in their professional and social lives. They need to focus on building their personal brand in a way that will help them get w...

Organizations are running out of time to transition to ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015

  Mar 22 2018

# Quality and Productivity

Is your organization certified against ISO 9001:2008 or ISO 14001:2004? If so, you need to put in place arrangements to upgrade to the latest versions. Come September 2018, the older versions of these standards (the qu...

Big Data Analytics In Smart Cities: You Can’t Have One Without The Other

  Feb 22 2018

# Data Management and Business Intelligence

Who else loves to see data science applied in the real world? I know I sure do… And seeing that was one of the coolest things I got to experience at World Cities Expo Istanbul (a smart cities conference). Wha...

Managing Personal Data in your Organization

  Feb 14 2018

# Administration and Secretarial

There’s a lot of noise about privacy and how you need to take care of personal information but are you listening? You most probably think it doesn’t affect you. You’re not a large organisation, you’re not global and if y...

Detoxing your life with positivity

  Jan 25 2018

# Interpersonal Skills and Self Development

By Charles J. Tawk - Senior Consultant - Meirc Training & Consulting Many dietitians and health consultants recommend for their patients to detox their bodies, by pro...

Turning the Credit and Collections Department into a Profit Earning Function

  Oct 22 2017

# Accounting and Finance

Below is a real-life case study by Jon Ray MICM. A few years ago, I was doing some consultancy work for one of the big European banks. This institution had some i...