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5 Best Practices in Business Development Success

  Apr 4 2019

# Marketing and Sales

What is business development? Business development is the activity of pursuing strategic opportunities for your business by cultivating partnerships and other commercial relationships, or identifying new markets for your products or services. Business development focuses on creating long-term sustained value for your organization, which translates into new markets, products, and pr...;

Different Types of Training and Activities

  Mar 31 2019

# Human Resources and Training

Use this guide to help you select the classes, activities, tools, and techniques you’ll use to train your staff. First, look at the different kinds of training methods used by employers and organizations. Classroom or instructor-based learning is the classic model of education. An instructor leads a group and teaches concepts using traditional classroom implements. This ...;

The Importance of Strategic Planning in Construction

  Mar 27 2019

# Planning and Strategy Management

My proposal to you is as follows: Commissioning specialists are the Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo of construction project teams The phrase “The beautiful game” has been attributed to one of football’s greatest ever players, the Brazilian striker Pele. He described football as Jogo bonito", meaning “The beautiful game” . Pele p...;

How to Select The Right Training Course

  Mar 24 2019

# Human Resources and Training

Recognizing the need for training is an important first step in ensuring an organization achieves and maintains success. But the real challenge lies in knowing which training courses to choose from in order to reap the most benefits and provide the best return on your training investment. Terms like “development planning” sometimes get lost in the sea of corporate jargon. However, a wel...;

Shutdowns and Turnarounds - A Painful Nuisance or A Strategic Opportunity?

  Mar 21 2019

# Planning and Strategy Management

In the past 2 months I have delivered training and consulting assignments in the Middle East, Caribbean, America, Asia and Europe and during this time I have met, trained, and worked with a number of turnaround professionals and there is one thing that almost all of them have in common: They, believe their next turnaround will be a failure! This failure will be very unpleasant. It ...;

How To Create A Personal Leadership Development Plan

  Mar 17 2019

# Leadership and Management

Good leaders are always working on improving themselves. As Henry Ford said: “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” Effective leaders are sharpening their skills, updating their strategies, constantly looking for ways to do better and do more. Here are some strategies the successful leaders use to keep propelling themselves abo...;

Traditional Marketing vs. Digital Marketing

  Mar 11 2019

# Marketing and Sales

What is the difference between traditional and digital marketing? And why does it matter? Here are some answers that might clarify the landscape for you. Defining Traditional Marketing Traditional or conventional marketing is generally what is referred to as a "push process", whereby you are literally pushing your marketing materials to the targeted market, through the use of...;

Learning And Development Strategy Outlines

  Mar 10 2019

# Human Resources and Training

It is virtually impossible to understate the importance of a solid organizational strategy. Developing one can take months — or even years — and should involve a thorough assessment of every facet of your company. Everything you do within the organization should fit within the framework of your organizational strategy. Every action taken, no matter how big or small, should be in service o...;

Sales Management Top Practices and Competencies

  Mar 7 2019

# Marketing and Sales

Many people believe that being a sales manager means being in a continuous no-win situation. And it’s true—the job is tough. Especially when, on the one hand, upper management is gunning for results, numbers, profit, and revenue while on the other hand, your salespeople are criticizing your management abilities and resenting you for micromanaging their activities. “Your job as a sales m...;

Three Tips to Boost the Success of Your Artificial Intelligence Project

  Mar 4 2019

# Data Management and Business Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence projects at government agencies regularly hit the headlines. But the business world is facing these challenges as well. At the end of 2016 Gartner estimated that 60 percent of big data projects in 2017 wouldn’t make it past the experimental phase. Late last year another analyst revised that estimate, tweeting that the failure rate was no less than 85 percent. For some...;