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Human Resources: Two Simple Words Creating Great Confusion

  Oct 18 2015

# Human Resources and Training

Two: In Numerology number 2 means modesty. While everybody stands in admiration of the control and decisions of number 1, it is number 2, the HR leader, who is the real power behind the throne. He is a consultant, an advisor and a partner, and number 1 relies on his clever and insightful advice. In addition, we know that it takes ‘two’ to tango, and Human Resources cannot justify its exi...;

Characteristics of Trainers

  Oct 11 2015

# Human Resources and Training

Aspiring trainers are often concerned with what it takes to be successful in their profession. Their thoughts often revolve around the identification of the characteristics of good trainers. Knowing those characteristics would allow for a thorough self-assessment and for taking the steps needed to reverse any deficiency. To determine the top characteristics of trainers, we at Meirc have con...;

Don’t Blame Time.

  Sep 27 2015

# Interpersonal Skills and Self Development

If you share my passion for history, you will remember this sentence: “peace is the right time to prepare for war”. I agree fully with this old saying even though it reminds me of humankind’s darkest periods, when racism or the arms race cast their shadows over civilization. Aren’t we all in a state of war between what we want and what we are? Aren’t we always in a hurry to finalize wh...;

How to Conduct Training Needs Analysis

  Sep 13 2015

# Human Resources and Training

  There is no secret recipe for conducting a Training Needs Analysis (TNA). There are, however, important steps to consider and apply in sequence to generate a list of training needs that satisfies the organization on one hand (achieving its strategic objectives) and the individual employee on the other (gaining knowledge and skills). The assumptions here are that: Train...;

Introduction and Benefits of Managing Projects Using PRINCE2 Approach

  Sep 7 2015

# Project Management

The PRINCE methodology was initially created in 1989 as a project management approach for the UK government Central Computer Telecommunication Agency (CCTA). The term PRINCE stands for Projects in Controlled Environment. The second version (PRINCE2) was published in 1996. Currently there are over 250,000 accredited PRINCE2 professionals worldwide. The PRINCE2 Accreditations include three parts: ...;

Work Hard not Smart: That’s the Salty Truth

  Sep 1 2015

# Leadership and Management

If you go through the biographies of many globally recognized business leaders, such as Sir Richard Branson, Elon Musk, Carlos Ghosn, Jeff Bezos and Carly Fiorina, you will come to the realization that they all put in more than 100 hours a week. That’s the equivalent of 14 hours a day (and change), weekends included. If that’s the case then what should one make of the adage “Work smart, not...;

What Makes a Good Trainer?

  Oct 29 2014

# Human Resources and Training

There is certainly no doctor’s prescription or even over the counter pills for making good trainers. There isn’t even a magic wand that could transform someone to a successful trainer instantly. However, there are a number of characteristics and perhaps actions that successful trainers do constantly whenever they are delivering a training session. We, at Meirc, have been collecting some of these a...;

Does Group Think Exist Within Your Team Decision-Making Process?

  Aug 25 2014

# Leadership and Management

While a team working together can produce better ideas and decisions but, we need to be careful of “Group Think”. It exists when team members give in to pressure to conform to the team, suppressing their own views, ideas and worries resulting in everybody agreeing without any dissent. It happens when too high a price is placed on team consensus and solidarity which drives out realistic appraisal...;

IFRS vs. GAAP - What does this have to do with the financial crisis?

  May 21 2014

# Accounting and Finance

In the G-20 summit (the richest 20 countries on this planet), and in the midst of the financial crisis the world was facing, leaders were discussing accounting rules!! Not debits and credits! I don't think they go into that detail! But what they are demanding from the accounting profession is to come up with one set of accounting rules that all companies can use regardless of their location. OK,.....;

The Magic word in Excel 2007 - PIVOT TABLES

  May 21 2014

# Accounting and Finance

How often are you asked to prepare reports? always!? and I bet one of the ways you retrieve the data is by importing or copying the raw data from your system and pasting it to Excel. then you insert rows, columns, move cells, highlight cells, delete some unneeded data, are lost and you start over!!! Pivot Tables comes to the rescue. I can truly say that Pivot Tables is the most effic...;