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Malware: “Oh what a tangled web we weave…”

  Jun 16 2016

# IT Management

As I began to write this blog article, it dawned on me that this is the 30th anniversary of my IT career. My career in the wacky world of IT began in 1986 when the first mass-m...

Train to the End-Goal of Pragmatics

  Jun 2 2016

# IT Management

I was in the company of two seasoned security professionals last month who had just completed CISSP training – and I found their opinions ...

Why have an Information Technology (IT) Disaster Recovery Plan?

  May 25 2016

# IT Management

Are you taking information communication technology seriously enough? 47% of UK organisations do not haveaplanintheeventofadisaster, according to a survey carried out in 2013 by the Chartered Management Institute, ide...

The Wastes Management Hierarchy and The Circular Economy

  May 25 2016

# Health, Safety and Environment

For many in business, wastes that are produced are simply an overhead that must be accounted for and are a drain on profits; there is a fundamental acceptance that waste is inevitable! However ...

The Patient Excellence Metrics for a Hospital Supply Chain

  May 25 2016

# Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management

Preface Within today’s complex healthcare supply chains we can find tens and tens of performance indicators that claim to facilitate all manner of operational, financial and strateg...

Technology & Supply Chain In Healthcare

  May 25 2016

# Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management

Preface According to The Beryl Institute research, the patient experience is one of the top three priorities of hospital leaders over the next three years. It is clearly time to ref...

Achieving Patient Excellence through Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare

  May 22 2016

# Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management

Introduction Why do hospitals need lean principles or methodologies? We all come to work to do our very best - to achieve what we are capable of and to add real value for our patien...

What makes a hospital workplace “Great”?

  May 19 2016

# Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management

Preface Health care is an extraordinarily people-centric industry. Aside from the obvious fact that the patient consumes services to his or her physical body, nearly all treatments ...

Three Approaches to Records Management

  Mar 17 2016

# Administration and Secretarial

In order to deliver a report on managing records retention, a somewhat long word on records management has to be included in this chapter. The principles of records management and ...

The Audit Report Writing Mindset

  Mar 16 2016

# Accounting and Finance

Perhaps the most challenging part of an auditor’s role is the communicating of results in order to achieve effective remediation of any control deficiencies. Audit reports are, perhaps, the ...