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Checklist for Protecting Confidential Information in Mergers & Acquisitions

  May 15 2019

# Legal

When dealing with mergers and acquisitions, certain precautions should be taken in order to ensure that confidential information is adequately protected as there are likely to be considerable volumes of confidential information that need to be exchanged between the buyer and seller. We hope that integrity and trust go a long way in any business transaction, but sometimes and unfortunate...;

Sync Your Sales & Marketing Efforts for a Successful Business

  May 13 2019

# Marketing and Sales

Gone are the days when sales and marketing were treated as two distinct elements of an organization. That’s because both departments are chasing the same goals and companies that want to drive more business must synchronize these to establish cohesiveness and joint purpose. With a misalignment of your sales and marketing efforts, your performance suffers, sales opportunities are missed,...;

Liverpool Epic Comeback, What Can We Learn from It?

  May 9 2019

# Leadership and Management

Whether we like it or not, Liverpool Football Club exacted a huge revenge from its opponent and, as importantly, from its own mistakes, engraving a new chapter in their proud history. After trailing Barcelona by three goals in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final, winning four nil was honestly astonishing. How did this happen? How did they do it without two of their best pl...;

5 Key Factors of a Successful Negotiation

  May 8 2019

# Marketing and Sales

Negotiation is an old art and an integral part of any business. It may lead a company to an immense growth or an immediate demise, so it should never be underestimated. Successful negotiation is not always easy. But if you want to learn how to negotiate like a professional, take a look at this effective process with key factors that can increase your leverage. Preparati...;

Creating a Successful IT strategy

  May 5 2019

# IT Management

For many IT managers, creating a high-quality IT strategy is probably one of the most difficult things to get right. In my experience, many IT manages struggle from the outset primarily and simply because they (and their bosses) are not clear on exactly what strategy is and what is required. The dictionary defines strategy as “a (high level) plan to achieve a long-term goal.” IT strateg...;

Why Do Mergers & Acquisitions Take Place?

  Apr 30 2019

# Legal

Although Mergers and Acquisitions are often used as synonymous terms, there is a difference between the two concepts. With a merger, two firms together form a new company. After the merger, the separately owned companies become jointly owned and obtain a new single identity and the stocks of both firms are surrendered and new stocks in the name of the new company are issued. With ...;

What Is Learning and Development?

  Apr 28 2019

# Human Resources and Training

Learning and development (L&D) is a critical function of any HR department. The goal of learning and development is to build on and increase the knowledge and skills of your employees. Your learning and development strategy should give your staff the tools to do their job more effectively, and ultimately, bring everyone into alignment with the company’s long-term goals. Train...;

Addressing Tail Risk within FRTB

  Apr 24 2019

# Banking, Insurance and Financial Services

In this paper I want to examine some pivotal concepts that are provided in the risk calculation methodology within the FRTB documentation provided by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS). One of the major purposes in bringing forward the FRTB requirements was for the BCBS to address tail risk in financial markets, a key omission in the Basel II framework. In order to get a bette...;


  Apr 21 2019

# Interpersonal Skills and Self Development

Self-development is crucial to anyone who wants to remain viable in any industry or field. Perhaps this has never been truer than it is today. With automation, artificial intelligence, and technological advances happening at light speed, it’s easy to wonder if you’re doing enough to stay ahead. So, Is My Job Going to Be Taken By Robots or What? Eccentric tech icon Elon Musk famous...;

Healthier Financials from the Patient Experience

  Apr 18 2019

# Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management

Performance on patient experience scores can impact the cash flow and operating profit margins of hospitals, which may mean organizations have to align quality metrics and leadership to influence patients’ perceptions of their care. This abstract aims to answer two questions: What is the relationship between patient experience and financial performance? And; ...;