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The articles published by Meirc have three things in common: they are pragmatic, up-to-date and straight to the point. No fat. No gibberish. By reading the articles relevant to your expertise, you will improve your knowledge base while staying at the forefront of the field. Please click on each article to read its full text. Alternatively, contact us and we will send you a print-friendly copy so you can save it and read it whenever and wherever you need

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Six Sigma as a Vehicle to Reduce Cost of Poor Qual...

  Fawzi A. Bawab | Partner
  13th May, 2019

Six Sigma emerged as a problem-solving methodology in an effort to reduce variation in processes and minimize defects. Six Sigma can be defi...

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Six Sigma and EFQM Comparison, Similarities and Di...

  Fawzi A. Bawab | Partner
  7th March, 2019

Which is better to use in an organization? Should I use Six Sigma or EFQM in my organization? A common question received in my training and ...

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Outlining Scope of Work Planning Process

  Alaa R. Elbaz | Partner
  9th March, 2017

In today’s competitive business environment, it is imperative for every organization to have the capability of drafting its own contracts....

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How to Ruin Your Lean Six Sigma Projects?

  Fawzi A. Bawab | Partner
  22nd November, 2016

During my training sessions and coaching assignments, I often get asked the following question: “What do I have to do to avoid the failure...

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