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The articles published by Meirc have three things in common: they are pragmatic, up-to-date and straight to the point. No fat. No gibberish. By reading the articles relevant to your expertise, you will improve your knowledge base while staying at the forefront of the field. Please click on each article to read its full text. Alternatively, contact us and we will send you a print-friendly copy so you can save it and read it whenever and wherever you need

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Contact! A Different Take on the Coronavirus Pande...

  Jamal A. Said | Partner
  31st March, 2020

Humanity is facing a dangerous threat as the Coronavirus (COVID-19) quickly morphed from an outbreak, to an epidemic, to a global pandemic t...

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Good to Great Management and the Performance Manag...

  Fouad Awad | Associate Consultant
  23rd February, 2020

What is the level of employee engagement in your organization? I bet it is quite low. Why is that the case? Who is the culprit? Money, benef...

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The Essence of Great Leadership

  George R. Khayat | Partner
  18th December, 2019

I have been facilitating leadership programs for more than 7 years, and in every session delegates seem to be confused about leadership best...

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Leading a Team of Champions

  Rabih Rizk | Management Consultant
  1st October, 2019

In the first episode entitled “Are You Leading a Team of Champions”, we described the five attributes that allow an employee to become a...

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The Secret Sauce to Success

  Ahmad A. Ghannoum | Partner
  25th September, 2019

Is there a secret sauce to success?” If you are in the business of helping others realize their potential, as I am, you should expect to h...

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You and Your Manager Are a Team

  Heather Baker | Course Facilitator
  20th August, 2019

Often the PA and the manager spend a great deal of time together. They have the same objectives and carry out different tasks to achieve tho...

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Leading a Team of Champions

  Rabih Rizk | Management Consultant
  4th July, 2019

First, they want every team member to accomplish assigned tasks and surpass objectives with little intervention. In other words, leaders wan...

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Psychological and Leadership Empowerment

  Charles J. Tawk | Partner
  3rd March, 2019

According to the World Bank, over 1 billion people around the globe live without electricity, 4.5 billion people do not have adequate access...

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How to Work Effectively With Engineers

  Jean Billingsley | Course Facilitator
  4th November, 2018

Why can’t engineers answer a simple question?” is a typical remark I hear from someone who works with engineers. As an engineer myself, ...

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  George R. Khayat | Partner
  17th May, 2018

Leadership is a hot topic which has been explored through countless models. In this paper we discuss The Leadership Challenge® which tackle...

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