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Meirc’s blogs are meant to be fat-free write-ups on topics which are of interest to our clients and web-site visitors. These blogs are useful when you wish to get an update on a field you follow or when you are looking for a bite-sized article that you would like to refer to or learn from. The blogs are reviewed and updated based on your feedback so please go through the blogs below and click on the one you wish to access and then let us know what you think. We would love to get your feedback. As always, we can be reached on

Developing Sales and Marketing Executives For Peak Performance

  May 21 2014

How do you measure the impact of your Sales and Marketing decisions? Sales and Marketing people take decisions all the time. This might seem normal, but how would you evaluate and measure the effects of your sales and marketing decisions? If you don't, sometimes the output might turn to be catastrophic on profitability margins, the product/company image, inventory levels, etc. Universities have...;

Customer Relationship Management: CRM Training Readiness

  May 21 2014

Customer Relationship Management is a strategy that seeks to engage an organization’s culture, processes and technology in analysis and interaction activities that acquire, retain and develop customers to secure long term profitability for the organization. It is a comprehensive approach that provides seamless integration of every area of business that touches the customer - namely marketing, sale...;

Marketing Warfare

  May 21 2014

The Marketing concept states that a firm's goal should be to identify and profitably satisfy customer needs. In Marketing WarfareAl Ries and Jack Trout argue that marketing is war and that the marketing concept's customer-oriented philosophy is inadequate. Rather, firms would do better by becoming competitor-oriented. To illustrate their point, Ries and Trout compare marketing to a football game....;

Is Brand Management the New Marketing?

  May 21 2014

The ClaimIn my training program, Brand Management: From Concept to Equity, I claim that "Brand Management" is the new marketing. Some of the brightest participants to the course argued that this is an exaggeration. Brand management is too narrow a concept, they say, to replace, displace or override a proven discipline such as marketing. Universities, they contend, routinely offer courses and degr...;