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Scope of Work (SoW): Value-Adding Questions - 2

  1st May, 2014

Yet another 10 Value-Adding Questions to ask before finalizing your Scope of Work . These questions relate to what amounts to a ‘Reality-check' and cover the evaluation of our available Internal resources:
  • 1) Is the intended Scope compatible with the Master Plan / Corporate Objectives?
  • 2) Do we have the financial resources for the intended SoW (Budget)?
  • 3) Is the intended SoW compatible with our Policies / Procedures?
  • 4) Did we check our time-limits, schedule(s), criticality & urgency of the intended SoW in relation to the Master plan / Corporate Objectives?
  • 5) Do we , internally, have the ‘competent' manpower required for developing the SoW?
  • 6) Can they do it in time ?
  • 7) Do we , internally, have the ‘competent' manpower required for preparing the tender ‘evaluation criteria' ?
  • 8) Can they do the technical evaluation using these criteria ( Skills to develop criteria for evaluation are different from skills to technically evaluate these criteria )?
  • 9) Did we check the compatibility of the intended Sow with the existing systems / infrastructure ( e.g. availability of hardware that can support the intended software)
  • 10) Did we identify the proposed Contract Managers/ Administrators / supervisors and evaluated the need for further training for the implementation of the Contract?