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The research carried out by Meirc focuses on studies related to management in the Arab World. Much of our research is conducted with practicing managers and executives whose involvement helps in shaping and supporting particular studies.  The most recent research study was on the perennial topic of leadership and resulted in a book titled Developing Multicultural Leaders: The Journey to Leadership Success (2010) authored by Dr. Farid A. Muna and Dr. Ziad A. Zennie. The book was published by the reputable Palgrave Macmillan in the UK. A team of eight Meirc consultants assisted the authors in data collection for this field-based research.

Our research synthesizes international management literature by significant thinkers, scholars and practitioners world-wide. The authors tackle five related questions:

  • What influence do early childhood years have on leadership development and success?
  • What are the specific life experiences that contribute to leadership success?
  • How do leaders with potential become outstanding?
  • What critical paths must leaders follow on their journey to success?
  • What must great leaders do exceptionally well to become and remain outstanding?

This research is unique because it represents the first fully fledged empirical study of its kind based on interviewing 310 successful leaders from 129 organizations in 12 countries in the Middle East. The practical implications of the study are substantial: CEO’s, senior executives, and Human Resources professionals will find important recommendations on how best to recruit, select, assess, develop, and motivate future managers and leaders.

Based on this research, Meirc is now offering a 10-day program, The Leadership Journey, which allows emerging and experienced leaders in continuing their journey to leadership success.

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